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About Us

Stuart’s Farm is the oldest working Farm in New York’s Westchester County.  Every fall bus loads of children from schools come and visit the farm where Elizabeth Stuart gives a tour of the farm.  She has been giving schools tours since <need date>

Stuart’s Fruit Farm has been in the Stuart family since 1828.  Through the years the farm has evolved from a cow, chicken and horse farm to a fruit farm in 1932, where Lee C. Stuart planted the first apple trees.  At that point it was the beginning of the fruit farm.   

Robert L. Stuart (son of Lee C. Stuart) along with his wife Elizabeth Stuart opened up a flower nursery back in in 1972.  He then decided to add additional fruits and vegetables to the farm such as tomatoes, corn and peppers.

Stuart's Fruit Farm
62 Granite Springs Road
Granite Springs NY, 10527